Monday, November 5, 2012

Sports is Secondary in Sandy Aftermath

(Photos by Dan Gesslein)

By Rich Mancuso

BRONX, NEW YORK, November 5- There is no need to be concerned about the NFL this weekend, or a college football game. Or the Knicks, Nets, and baseball free agency for that matter. And if the New York City Marathon had stayed on schedule, that would have been a tragedy,

Nothing is more important now than getting back to normal in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, or whatever type of storm that it was which hit the Bronx and tri state area. Sports, as much as it heals the wounds is secondary.
Because over the last few days this writer has been a victim of a tragedy, as well as seeing neighbors and friends suffer the same path. There is no power, no heat or hot water to keep warm, no power to cook a warm meal, no way to utilize technology,
The television and computer are useless in places that have become a dark age for the moment.
It’s simple, sports is secondary, though to many of those 40,000 plus runners who came to New York for an annual marathon, a 26-mile race was more important to them than the safety and security of those affected by the storm.
This is not the aftermath of September 2001. Sports became a diversion and tried to calm the storm of destruction and pain. Major League Baseball resumed a week later, and the NFL canceled their games for a week.
And when sports resumed, it seemed we got back to normal. But, not this time. The look of pain is etched on their faces, of those feeling an impact in the Bronx. Getting back to normal and resuming their lives are the most important factors in the days, weeks, and months ahead.
Reading with a candle and flashlight, that defines an explanation in the early days of November 2012.
This writer had to relocate for the time being. Sports, is not a priority for the moment as much as it consumes a majority of the time. Away from family and friends right now is not the place to be. They are there to help and offer support as they have been affected as well.
We look for solutions as to how a huge metropolis and a vast area of the Bronx could be silenced in 2012. No use of technology for now, silenced from news and events of the storm, and relying on the old transistor radio to stay updated.
You see neighbors in need. A tenement silenced without power, heat, and gas to live and function, and a neighbor from her second floor window, screaming and pleading for help, early in the morning, on day two of the aftermath of Sandy.
This is 2012, and in a world of technology nothing could be done to prevent human tragedy from a killer storm that hit the Bronx and tri-state area.
And, through it all, the power companies have done their best restoring power to the millions who have been in the dark. But, as seen in the Bronx, not enough has been done. Crews and trucks are still assessing damages and determining what has to be done to restore power in many communities that are in need.
Yes, forget about sports for the moment. Restoring normalcy is the game plan right now.
However, the prevailing questions are, when will we get back to normal? When can we return to our homes? When will the power be restored? To a layman not familiarized with the topic of power and energy that can be a waiting game of no more.
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