Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bronx Gets Shortchanged AGAIN!

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New Mayor, Same Result: Bronx Gets Shortchanged AGAIN!
Officials blame residents for icy streets
By David Greene
BRONX, NEW YORK, FEBRUARY 12- Residents may not know if theirs is a tertiary or secondary street, but you don't have to be a genius to know that the city's new web site to track snow removal is a flop.
Residents in Norwood realized that when New York City's PlowNYC web site showed their area was plowed however, several secondary streets were not plowed enough or missed completely after two storms battered the area over three days.
Norwood residents took to Facebook after snowplows left a narrow path and large patches of ice along Decatur and Hull Avenues between East Mosholu Parkway North and E. 204 Street-- causing more than a few vehicles to become stuck.
Shortly after the latest storm of February 5, PlowNYC reported the roadway's were clear. The following Thursday angry residents took to the social media web site that apparently generated calls to both 311 and Councilman Andrew Cohen's office.
The source, who noticed the problem when she attempted to assist an elderly woman cross one of the ice covered streets, recalled, "They came and plowed, but I called them again and said it wasn't good enough, so they came back."
Sources say a plow again returned late Monday and eventually cleared the roadway.
Unpaved streets were also reported along Kossuth Avenue as well as Tryon Avenue, both in the Norwood section.
Meanwhile, traffic agents appeared to be engaged in a ticket blitz as two-man teams patrolled down Bainbridge Avenue and across E. 204 Street, converging on any vehicle in a no standing zone or metered spot.
The two-manned teams of ticket writers were also spotted in force in the Morris Park, Tremont and Fordham sections as hundreds of cars remain encased in blocks of solid ice two or three feet deep.
PlowNYC has been tracking the progression of snow removal by the Department of Sanitation of New York (DSNY) since Feb, 2013 and was created in response to the snow removal fiasco of 2010.
The PlowNYC program outfitted 1,700 plows and salt spreaders with GPS tracking devices that send the information to a central computer that uploads the information to an on-line map.
Keith Mellis, a spokesman at DSNY defended the department, claiming, "The block had been plowed by DSNY," but added that the situation was caused by careless residents.
Mellis claimed, "It's caused by people who throw it back into the
middle of the street and we go through with a plow and can't pick it up."
He explained that the tossed ice becomes embedded into the blacktop by passing vehicles.
Pleading with the public for cooperation, Mellis, now gearing up for the next storm, urged, Please don't put it back in the street."

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