Friday, July 13, 2012

Tat’s Alot!

By Dan Gesslein
BRONX, NEW YORK, July 13- Was it his tat that gave him away? Police arrested a man they say raped a visiting North Carolina woman. Tips led to an arrest after surveillance video of the incident showed the suspect had his name tattooed on his shoulder.
Investigators say the suspect acted as a tour guide and instead of simply helping the tourist find her hotel he sexually assaulted her.
Police arrested 27-year-old Ivan Jones based on a tip after surveillance video from the hotel was released. In the surveillance video cops noticed that the suspect had the name “Ivan” tattooed on his right shoulder as well as “Tiffany” inked on the inside of his left forearm. 
Investigators say the sex fiend targeted his victim while they were riding on a Bronx-bound subway car. On July 11, cops say the victim had engaged the suspect while on a Bronx-bound subway train at East 14th and Union Square. According to published reports the 33-year-old woman had asked the man for directions in the Bronx. He told her he was going the same way and he ended up escorting the woman from the Bronx subway stop to the Howard Johnson Express Inn on Boston Road.
At her hotel room at around 4 a.m., the woman heard a knock on her door. Once she opened the door, the man pushed his way inside the room. Cops say he choked and raped the woman. Then he bound her and stole $50, the victim’s cell phone and a pair of earrings. 
Jones was charged with rape, strangulation and assault.

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